Science is the knowledge which is explored through experimental verification of facts in nature. Hence natural science can only be thought by testing, experimenting, demonstrating with the proper skill development. To achieve this goal our institute is well equipped with all necessary equipments with which all these objectives can be fulfilled smoothly and effectively particularly in the field of Physical science and Life science. The lab encompasses a large collection of scientific apparatus, equipments, chemicals and educational aids to develop scientific temper and critical thinking in students. Apparatus are issued by the students for their demonstration lessons and skill in teaching.

    The college offers a well maintained Information and communication technology resource center to facilitate the students and teachers with basic training in ICT based teaching learning process. The lab has 18 computers with suitable configuration and internet facility to train the students comprehensively in all the modern technologies. The resource center is equipped with LCD Projectors , Digital Visualizer, Digital Camera, Speakers, Television etc. to make students acquainted with the knowledge, use and working of various audio- visual equipments.

    The college has a well equipped language laboratory to develop communication skills and language proficiency of B.Ed. students. The lab has various equipments as Audio CD's, DVD's, Charts, Models, Computers, Headphones, Screen Projector and Portable Sound System. With the help of these equipments, students develop their linguistic skills. They drill and practice various language learning exercises in listening speaking, reading and writing skills. The lab helps the students to increase their confidence level by practical sessions of pedagogy of English.

    The mathematics laboratory in the college is a place where every student can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, mathematical- gadgets, equipments and other teaching -learning material meant to develop and enhance the inquiry- skills, probing question- technique and computational competencies of learners. The numerous mathematics aids are used both by the students on their own and with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics. The activities in this lab consists to a wide range ,intended to give students a practical experience of doing mathematics and enjoying it too. The activities helps students to visualize, manipulate and reason.

    We have a psychology lab that trains the students in applying the knowledge of principles of educational psychology and techniques to facilitate optimum development of integrated personality. It provides First-hand experience to students teachers in conducting psychological aspects applicable to class room teaching-learning situations. The college has well equipped Psychology Lab with all the necessary experimental materials, psychological tests and instruments required to carry out psychological testing of various personality traits.