Principal's Message:

  • The demands on student learning in the 21st century have profound implications for teachers. In addition to continuously updating their own knowledge of the subjects they teach.
    teachers are expected to work with multicultural classes, integrate students with special needs, work and plan in teams, assume some leadership roles and provide professional advice to parents, among other tasks. Teachers have to do more than to transmit educational content. They have also to cultivate students’ ability to be creative, think critically, solve problems and make decisions. Moreover they have to help students to work better in groups by developing their ability to communicate and collaborate. Teachers have to build students’ capacity to recognize and explore the potential of new technologies and nurture the character qualities that help people to live and work together. 
    We at Gaur Brahman College of Education, Rohtak take the challenge of enhancing the performance and effectiveness of pupil teachers through skill based professional activities for new generation teachers.


    Dr.(Mrs) Meena Sharma
    Officiating Principal